Trung tâm báo động 16 zone LightSYS- Israel

Mã: RP432P - 16 zone
Danh mục: .

Trung tâm báo động LightSYS 16 Zone có dây:
– 16 vùng có dây, báo ra 16 số điện thoại.
– Bật tắt bằng bàn phím ( Thêm tính năng bật tắt từ phần mềm cài trên điện thoại di động nếu lắp thêm Module IP).
– Có 4 rơ le có thể lập trình để bật tắt 4 thiết bị khác nhau.

Product Description

Zones: 8 – 32 wired, wireless or RISCO Bus, in any combination
Partitions : 4
Groups per partition : 4
Zone resistance : Fully selectable
Remote zone diagnostics : Voltage and resistance measurement on all wired zones
Zone loop response : 1msec, 10msec, 400 msec, 1 sec, 1/2 hour to 4 hours
Additional inputs : Bell tamper, Box tamper
Programmable outputs : 4 onboard (3*100mA opto-relays + 1A relay) expandable to 14
User codes : 16
Event log : 500
Keypads : 4 wired, 2 wireless (one-way)
Wireless Keyfobs : 16
Proximity Key Readers : 8
Follow-me destinations : 16
Communication : PSTN onboard, Plug-in IP or modem, Plug-in GSM/GPRS or integrated KP, Long Range Radio programmable from the LightSYS™ keypad (Installed on the Bus within the main enclosure)
Digital Voice Module : Full voice menu guide, two-way remote listen-in and talk, Pre-recorded or user-recordable messages for all zones, partitions and outputs, Remote operations such as acknowledge event, arm/disarm, activate outputs, etc.
Reporting formats : Contact ID, SIA level 2 & 3, IP/GSM Receiver, Long Range Radio formats
PC Cable connector : RS232 for Configuration Software
PS Input : 90-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
PS output / Main board input 14.4 VDC / 1.5A
Main board output : 800mA Aux current, 500mA siren driver
Dimensions : (Height x Width x Depth) 288mm x 254mm x 90mm (11.3” x 10.0” x 3.54“) Place for Main, Power Supply, 7Ah Battery, IP and GSM/GPRS modules (wireless receiver, voice module, zone expanders, output expanders, long range radio)
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